10 of the best beauty industry careers and where they can take you

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For anyone with an interest in beauty, there’s no shortage of incredible career paths to take. But if you’re not sure which direction to head in, check out this list of super exciting beauty industry careers.  

1 Hairstylist

Let’s kick off our beauty careers list with the role of hairstylist. Hairdressers are always in demand. You can work in a salon, set up your own, or work as a mobile hairdresser for the ultimate in flexibility. 

If you really want to show off your creativity, you can move into photoshoot or film hair styling. You could even do hair for fashion shows. It’s a competitive world but one that offers good earnings and the excitement of ever-changing briefs.  

2. Beauty therapist

Beauty therapists can specialise in lots of different skills and services. Eyebrow henna, spray tanning, lash treatments… 

It’s possible to learn lots of different techniques or specialise in just one or two. 

Like hairstylists, beauty therapists can pursue beauty salon careers. They can also work in spas, resorts and even travel the world on cruise ships.

3. Beauty PR specialist

Another of the best beauty industry careers is working as a beauty PR specialist. You’ll work for a beauty brand, promoting their products and shouting about their achievements. 

This usually involves marketing, event planning, writing press releases, and conducting market research – basically everything you can do to get the press and public interested in what your brand has to say. 

To excel in this role, you need good communication skills, confidence and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. Hard work in this field pays off. PR offers a beauty careers salary well above the average. 

4. Makeup artist

If you love experimenting with new makeup styles and perfecting the latest looks, a career as a makeup artist might be just what you’re looking for. 

As an MUA you can do makeup for weddings and other special occasions, helping your clients to look and feel their best. 

You could take your career in a different direction, doing theatrical makeup or makeup for television. And, if complete transformations are your thing, you could even specialise in the weird and wonderful world of special effects makeup.

5 Salon Owner

For those with organisational and managerial skills, running a salon is up there with the very best jobs in beauty. 

You’ll need to learn the ropes first, working as a beauty therapist or stylist. 

But when you have enough experience under your belt, you get to be your own boss! And create the kind of salon sanctuary you’d love to visit yourself.

6 Beauty writer

Got a way with words? Love sharing new beauty products, treatments and styles? Then why not work as a beauty writer and indulge your passion for all things beauty?

Set up by yourself and become a beauty blogger. You can monetise your blog by selling advertising space on your website. Or by promoting products as an affiliate. 

Alternatively, build up your beauty writing portfolio and approach the beauty publications you’ve been reading all your life! Great beauty knowledge and excellent writing skills will give you the best possible chance in this competitive field. 

7 Personal stylist

Personal stylists love helping people look their absolute best. 

We’ve all heard of celebrity stylists prepping their clients for the red carpet. But stylists are also proving popular amongst those of us who don’t happen to be A-listers.   

A personal stylist can work in a department store or set up their own business. They give advice on makeup and fashion, helping a client to discover their own style or find the perfect look for a special occasion.

8 Beauty tutor

Once you’ve acquired all that incredible beauty industry knowledge, why not share it with the next generation of aspiring beauty stars?

Moving into beauty training careers requires a unique skill set. You need to be patient, a good communicator and enjoy seeing others succeed. 

If you tick all of these boxes – and have a high-level beauty industry knowledge – you may have what it takes to be a beauty school tutor. 

9 Product developer

Combining science and creativity, a product developer helps to bring new cosmetic and beauty products onto the market. 

A product developer usually has a degree in a science subject. This helps them when talking to labs and chemists responsible for formulating new products. 

They also test products. And spend lots of time with a brand’s marketing team, working out timelines and accurate product descriptions. 

As beauty industry careers go, product development pays well and offers a really varied workday.

10 Photographer

If you’re a talented photographer with an interest in beauty, becoming a fashion and beauty photographer could provide the perfect niche. 

You can photograph promotional images for salons and spas. You could style and snap beauty products. And – if you really want to chase those dreams – you could work as a photographer on fashion shoots for glossy mags.

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