Student story: Paige

We are so proud of our students and we love celebrating their beautiful successes. We’ve asked them to share their experiences and successes with us, and thought you might like to read about them too!

Paige’s story comes from our sister school, Australian Beauty School.

What do you think is the most important thing you learned at Beauty School?

Learning all the contraindications

What made you choose Beauty School over other online course providers?

Provided the courses I specifically wanted to learn

“Take your time”

How did the course help you further your career/start your business?

It’s helped me heaps with starting my business, I’ve gotten a lot of clients form showing people my work and what I have learnt from these courses

Did you feel supported in the online learning environment?

Yes definitely

Biggest tips for getting the most out of studying online?

Take your time

If you have started a business what is it called and where can we find it?

Complete_brows on Instagram

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